Special Services

Mrs. Christine Wagner
Director of Special Services

Maria Barrios
Secretary of Special Services

Welcome to the Office of Special Services!

This office oversees all special service programming that is offered to students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. These programs include Special Education and Pre-Kindergarten At-Risk.

District 16, as a member of the Cooperative Association for Special Education (C.A.S.E.), offers a wide range of programming for students with special needs. Special education services are provided to students who have been identified as having a disability and require additional support. These services are available for children from the age of three through 8th grade. These services include early childhood education and programs for children with learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders, mental and physical handicaps and speech and language disorders.

In August, and periodically throughout the year, District 16 holds free preschool screenings to assess the developmental progress of children between the ages of 3 and 5. Speech and language assessment, vision and hearing screening, and an evaluation of age-appropriate developmental skills are included in the screening, which is conducted by District 16 staff. Children who are at-risk are recommended for placement in a pre-kindergarten class. We currently have a pre-kindergarten class at each of our primary buildings.