Critical Skills

As a result of their educational experience, students of Queen Bee School District 16 will be:

  • Effective Communicators: who can express themselves in a variety of ways appropriate for a technological society.
  • Complex Thinkers: who independently and collaboratively apply effective problem solving strategies as they relate to practical and theoretical situations.
  • Responsible Citizens: who promote and exhibit practices and attitudes, which support policies that enhance the quality of life in our multicultural, interdependent world.
  • Ethical Persons: who display qualities the community values including caring and respect for others, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and fairness.
  • Self-Directed Learners: who take responsibility for their own learning and seek to improve themselves through risk-taking, perseverance, and self-assessment.
  • Quality Workers: who take pride in generating high quality products, services, and performances through independent actions and teamwork.
  • Health Conscious Individuals: who are aware of the principles of emotional, physical and social well being.