Additional Information

  •  Registration Fee Waiver
    • Parents seeking financial assistance with student fees must complete an application for fee waiver with supporting documentation of family size and income. Supporting documentation is required at the time of application which will be available August 1.
  • Children of Military Parents
  • Effective for the 2012-2013 school year, schools must ask students if their parents/ guardians are members of the military, including Guard and Reserve.  
    Schools must also ask if the students' parents/guardians serve on active duty or expect deployment in the next twelve months.
  • Student Record
  • Transfer of School records can be requested at each school.
  • Volunteer Information can be found under Our Schools  (top of this page)
  • PATH After School Program (Village) registration begins May 1 at Sports Hub.
  • District Calendar is available under District Info (top of this page)
  • Code of Conduct for each school is available under Our Schools (top of this page)