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We create our schedules around your needs. If you want to know when we will be in your building, you can click on our names to access our schedule. You can always request an appointment with us by contacting us. The best way to contact us is by sending us an E-mail.

Glen Hill/Pheasant Ridge 

Queen Bee Technologists

Technology for Teachers
Teacher Web Pages: Getting Started
Information and resources on creating and maintaining teacher web pages on our website.   READ MORE...
Illuminate Webinars and Tutorials
Illuminate Education for Data and Assessment- use is in full swing. Check this page for site-specific resources as well as information on webinars being offered.  READ MORE...
Flipping Your Classroom
Trying to figure out how to flip your classroom? This resource page will help you decide if you're ready.  READ MORE...
Microsoft Office Suite Resources
Microsoft Office Resources for Staff, Students, and Families 
Google Apps for Education
All students and staff at Queen Bee School District 16 have Google accounts. Here are some resources for us to learn more about these great apps.  READ MORE...
New Teacher Orientation
Resources from the Technology portion of the New Teacher Orientation at the Queen Bee Professional Development Center.  READ MORE...
What we can provide:
  • coaching tech integration
  • staff development
  • team planning
  • team teaching
  • lesson development
  • introduce new tools
  • training for web 2.0, software, tools
  • make curriculum/technology connections
  • more

Technology Standards  

International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students
International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Teachers
International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Coaches
International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Administrators
Queen Bee School District 16 Technology Scope and Sequence

Kagan Serial Numbers  

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