• When will the restructuring take place?
    The Goal of the Queen Bee 2020 plan is to have the building improvements completed and schools reorganized by August 1st, 2020.

    How and when will families be notified of the restructuring plan?
    The plan will be shared with all stakeholders in the spring of 2019 at Community Engagement Sessions conducted at each school, Web Page Informational posts, and at public meetings at which the District is represented.

    How will adding more students to Glen Hill, Americana, and Glenside affect traffic congestion at arrival and dismissal?
    The issue of traffic congestion at each of our schools is longstanding and a real issue. Each school would see material improvements to parking and traffic flow in, around and on school grounds. Additionally, bussing services will be extended to a greater number of students as a result of an updated Traffic Safety Survey of the District and the shifting of students from Pheasant Ridge to Americana.

    How will restructuring affect the average class size and the number of sections per grade level?
    Based on a recent demographic study of our enrollment trends, we anticipate the need for 8 sections per grade level with 22-25 students per section.

    How does the restructuring affect the FLEX programming? Will all K-3 remain at Glen Hill? How will the classrooms be structured?
    Equity of opportunity for students is at the heart of the Queen Bee 2020 plan. The district will provide equitable services for students with special education needs at all of our schools. There will be Flex programming at each K-4 and Glenside Middle School.

    How will the resources at Americana be divided between Americana, Glen Hill, and Glenside?
    Resource equity for students and teachers remains a principle that guides all resource allocation. All teachers will have the resources necessary to deliver high-quality instruction and the students will continue to have the resources necessary to engage in our rigorous curriculum.

    How will Americana be altered to meet the needs of the younger students?
    We will work with architectural professionals, engineers, and all applicable code authorities to ensure that our facilities are appropriate for the developmental needs of the learners whom they serve.

    How will the day be structured for 5th graders? Will they be following a middle school model?
    We will conduct our 5th Grade Program using a self-contained model with the addition of daily Physical Education.

    What will happen to Pheasant Ridge School?
    AMITA Health Will Leases Pheasant Ridge School, Plans Move of GlenOaks Therapeutic Day School in 2020

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