• Construction Information

    The site improvements, remodeling components, and construction elements of Queen Bee 2020 will be taking place immediately after our students leave for summer break with many being completed before our students and teachers return in late August of 2020.  All school district construction projects occur during the tight timeline of summer break.  With that in mind, we are working on every element of this project to include design, permitting, project bidding, and surveying, in addition to coordinating with the agencies and units of government who will interact with this project.  Our campuses will be busy this summer and some elements will not be completed until November of 2020.  However, we will be ready for the safe return of our students and teachers in August.  The outline below describes our expectations for completion:

    Completed by August of 2020
    Parking Loops at Glen Hill, Americana, and Glenside
    Remodel Learning Resource Centers at Glen Hill, Americana, and Glenside
    Remodel the New 5th Grade Wing and STEM Classroom at Glenside
    Relocation of current STEM Classrooms at Glenside 
    Playground Improvements at Glen Hill and Americana
    Completed by November of 2020
    Construction of the Multipurpose Additions and Glen Hill and Americana
    We anticipate being granted occupancy of our Multipurpose Additions at Glen Hill and Americana in November of 2020 which coincides with the end of our 1st Trimester.  We will use our current school schedule for Art, Music, P.E. and Library for the 1st Trimester and increase our P.E. program for our students in grades K-4 during the 2nd Trimester when we have access to the new space.