• GH

    School Day Hours

    Monday Early Release-8:20 AM -2:10 PM

    Tuesdays-Fridays 8:20 AM-3:00 PM

    Half Days 8:20 AM-11:30 PM

  • Our School Day Begins at 8:20 AM

    In order to have students safely in the building and ready to begin the school day, everyone must be in their classrooms by the 8:20 school bell. When students arrive after the 8:15 bell, they do not have enough time to be in their seats and ready to learn.

April 15-No Student Attendance

  • May 9-Half Day Student Attendance

    We will be having our final School Improvement Day (SIP) on Monday, May 9, 2022. Our schedule will be a half-day, with students dismissed at 11:30 AM. There is NO AFTER SCHOOL PATH on this day for any students who attend PATH's after school program.
  • Feathers for Hopes & Dreams

    It's not too late to bring in feathers for our display. The letter that went home earlier is attached. We hope to have every student contribute a feather!
  • March Students of the Month

    March Students of the Month

    We congratulate the following students who are following our school-wide expectations. These students have been great examples of how to be caring, responsible, and always learning.


    Kindergarten-Victoria L, Colin P, Medina H, William O

    First Grade-Nahsia H, Safoora F, Dominic K, Rafael F, Genna M

    Second-Kaya K, Nathaniel H, Denise S, Emma S

    Third-Soe T, Carol H, Maci M, Santana P, Landon P

    Fourth-Raegan F, Leilani V, Dora G, Aliyah G


    We appreciate you always making great choices at school!

  • QBEF FUNdrasier 4/21

    The Queen Bee Educational Foundation has a FUNdraiser this month at Buona Beef at 305 E. Army Trail in Glendale Heights! On Thursday, 4/21, ALL DAY (10:30am-9:30pm), 20% of your purchase amount will result in a donation to the QBEF and benefit programs for District 16 school kids. Join us for lunch! Join us for dinner! Both!

    You need to either show the flyer in paper form or on your phone when you place your order. (Not valid with online, app, phone orders, or Gift Card purchases) Eat in or take your order home, either way works! You can get the flyers (PDF to print or JPG to show on your phone) at our website https://www.qbef.org/Events.html


    Please consider having a great meal at Buona Beef to help the QBEF. We hope you'll also let your friends and neighbors know about this opportunity to support the QBEF and District 16 schools.


    The QBEF appreciates your support!

Free Webinar for Families

  • New Video Game-Huggy Wuggy-Information

    We have had many students talking about a newer game that looks innocent but we want to make sure families know all about it. Please see the following information about Poppy Playtime/Huggy Wuggy.
  • SEL Spot

    Looking for a way to find out about how your student's day went? When you ask your student how was there day-do they respond with one-word answers like okay or fine? Here are some great conversation starters for you to use with your families.

    If you could give the world anything, what would you give it?

    Is there something outside of school you would love to learn?

    What is your favorite thing about our family?

    What is your favorite thing about yourself?

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


    You can find these and more resources for your family below:

    Free Printables

    FREE Printables


  • Happenings in the LMC

    Happenings in the LMC

    Our Day of Reading was a success thanks to all of our community members, staff and students! The students were very happy to visit with Kate Messner via Zoom and have been requesting her books ever since!


    Our students are off to a strong start on the Race to the South Pole! Our goal is 9,454 minutes. Congratulations to our third and fourth graders for making it to the South Pole! Third grade has read 15,056 minutes 7 fourth grade has read 12,746 minutes!! Here are the totals for the other grade levels so far: Kindergarten-3,912 minutes, First grade-2,788 minutes, and Second grade-4,064 minutes. Keep reading and turning in your minutes to Mrs.Sievers in the library. If you need a log let me know, or your student can write their minutes and have a parent sign a piece of paper.


    • Students still have the opportunity to read 800 minutes between 3/6-4/30 if they want to participate in the Kane County Cougars Reading Program. Students will receive a prize for every 200 minutes read and a free ticket to the Kane County Cougars game on May 13th at 6:30pm. At the game, students will receive a free drawstring bag, hot dog and drink. This is optional.


    Our Spring book fair will be held in the school library May 2-May 6. Our family night is May 5th from 6-8. Please come and buy some books, enjoy some ice cream and have fun with our many activities!


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!


    Libby Sievers- LMC Director esievers@queenbee16.org


    Approved 2022-2023 District Calendar.pdf

  • Nurse's Corner

    Hello Glen Hill Families!


    The sun is shining, the grass is greener, and April showers bring...spring allergies. Springtime is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy nice weather, but it also can bring on runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing. And while allergies can be a nuisance, it is important to recognize not only how our students get allergies, like through the air and food, but what symptoms they may exhibit-- and knowing which ones are life-threatening.


    An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system sees a substance as harmful and overreacts to it. The symptoms that result are an allergic reaction. The substances that cause allergic reactions are allergens. Allergens can get into your body many ways to cause an allergic reaction.

    • You can inhale allergens into your nose and your lungs. Many are small enough to float through the air. Examples are pollen, house dust, mold spores, cat and dog dander and latex dust.

    • You can ingest allergens by mouth. This includes food and medicines you eat or swallow.

    • Your body can have allergens injected into it. This includes medicine given by needle and venom from insect stings and bites.

    • Your skin can absorb allergens. Plants such as poison ivy, sumac and oak can cause reactions when touched. Latex, metals, and ingredients in beauty care and household products are other examples.

    Below you can find symptoms of allergic reactions. Symptoms marked with “***” are life-threatening and need immediate medical attention. Remember, if you have any questions about allergies or suspect your student may have allergies, please reach out to your doctor for further guidance.

    Prevention is key. Be alert for these symptoms presented by your child (or even yourself!) and visit your doctor. You could save a life...or just make your day a little less sneezy!

    Bee well,

    Nurse Jenna

    Source: https://www.aafa.org/anaphylaxis-severe-allergic-reaction/

  • Self Certification in Skyward

    Families do not need to continue to use Skyward to self certify before coming to school. We will continue to take temperatures every morning. If your student gets sick while in school, we will notify you and ask them to be picked up from school.
  • Absences, Early Dismissals, or Late Arrivals?

    Please contact the office for any changes to your student's day.

    630.260.6141 or 630.260.6143

  • Wednesday Lunch Menu Changes

    Until further notice, we will be serving hot dogs every Wednesday. Due to supply chain issues, we are unable to get hamburger patties in. The online menus have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Queen Bee Developmental Screening Information

  • EnglishSpanishUrdu

                   English                          Spanish                               Urdu

  • Spring Weather Tips

    Even as spring arrives, we still have days where the weather is winter-like!

    Make sure your student is dressed for the weather. They need snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves/mittens to be able to play outside in the snow. If they wear boots to school, they must have gym shoes to participate in PE.

  • Car Line Routines & Reminders

    • Do not use cell phones while driving in the parking lot.
    • Do not get out of your car while in the car line.
    • There is NO LEFT TURN out of our parking lot.
    • We will try to get cars moving through the line as quickly as possible. Do not pull out of the line, as that slows down traffic. We will direct cars to pull out if necessary.
    • We encourage families to park along Glen Hill Drive and walk up to the school if they do not want to wait in the parking lot. Signs are posted where parking is allowed along Glen Hill Drive.
    • When our busses pull into the bus lane in the mornings, they will honk before pulling in. This is because they need a wider turn when approaching the bus lane safely.
    We appreciate everyone's cooperation when dropping and picking up your students at school. Our goal is to have a safe and efficient car line.
  • Bus Lane

    These are reserved for our busses. Please park in the parking lot when arriving at Glen Hill. Do not use the bus lane during the school day.
  • Need Help from the Office? Make an Appointment

    Please remember that the beginning and end of the day are very hectic for everyone. If you stop by to see someone in the office during these times, we will ask you to wait until we've taken care of students. You can always make an appointment to see us. This can save you time in your day.
  • Severe Weather Dismissal

    When we have inclement weather, we do not want to send students outside to wait for their rides home. We will hold students in the building and call them out to the cars once a family arrives. If there is enough time, we will send out an email blast notifying families of the dismissal process as it occurs.

    For walkers, please pick up your student at the back of the new gym. We will dismiss all walkers out the back door (Door 12)

    Car riders will exit Door 13. Please do not stand close to Door 13, since that slows down our ability to safely get students from the building.