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    Glen Hill School

    Email: jjonas@queenbee16.org
    Website: www.queenbee16.org
    Location: 1324 Bloomingdale Road, Glendale Heights, IL, USA
    Phone: 630.260.6141

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  • GH

    School Day Hours

    Mondays-Fridays (NEW) 8:20 AM - 3:00 PM

    Half Days 8:20 AM - 11:05 PM

    If your student is not feeling well...

    Please do not send them to school!

    We are seeing an increasing number of students coming to school with a variety of symptoms such as cough, cold, congestion, and fever. We have a few cases of parents medicating their students with symptom suppressants and sending them to school. Please remember that if your student has any symptoms such as a cough, cold, fever, sore throat, or nausea, they need to stay at home.

    If you believe it is seasonal allergies, then we need to make sure that this is documented and your student needs to stay home until then we have that information.

    When your student is ill, keep them at home until they are feeling better and without symptoms. Even with a negative COVID test, students should stay home until they have recovered unless we have medical documentation.

    If you have questions about this, contact Nurse Jenna at 630.260.6141

  • September 12-Half Day Dismissal🍏

    Cellular Devices

    Students are not allowed to have cellular devices such as cell phones and smartwatches on during the school day. If your student brings these types of devices to school, they need to be powered off and in their lockers throughout the day.

    As always, if you need to reach your student during the day, please call the office and we can put you in touch with them. All classroom teachers have phones in their classrooms as well to communicate with families during the school day when necessary.

    Morning Arrival Procedures

    It is important for all students to arrive on time and ready to learn every morning. In order to ensure students are safely in the building and ready to begin their day, we ask families to be here before the 8:15 bell rings. In the event that your student arrives later, we have procedures in place in make sure they get the information they need to start the day. Any students arriving after the 8:20 bell are officially tardy to school. Families MUST sign them in for the day. We have all students waiting until after our daily announcements to get to their classrooms. Thank you for your support in getting your students to school on time!

    Grade Level Family Newsletters

    Be on the lookout from your student's teachers for monthly grade level information. Your student's teacher will share information about upcoming instruction, reminders, and ways to help your student at home. Our first newsletters begin this month.


    Car Line

    In order to make sure our students are safe, please observe the following directions for dropping off and picking up your students. We know how valuable everyone's time is, but we also know keeping our students and staff safe is our priority.

    • Wait your turn in the line and do not move out of the car line.
    • Students should be let out of their cars curbside within the blue arrows.
    • Right turn on Bloomingdale Road only-NO LEFT TURN during the school day.
    • We discourage parking your car to drop off or pick your child, as it's a safety risk to your student.

    If you choose to walk your student to school, we recommend parking along Glen Hill Drive and walking to the building. The picture below shows the ideal places to park.

    Bus Lane & South Parking Lot

    Our bus lanes are reserved for our busses. Please park in the parking lot when arriving at Glen Hill. Do not use the bus lane during the school day.

    The south parking lot is reserved for staff. We do not have supervision there in the mornings and afternoons during arrival and dismissal.

  • How to have proper body mechanics while wearing backpacks.

    If you would like information about local outside day care options for before and after school.
  • Handwashing and Germs-Reminders for Everyone

    As we get back to school, we are stressing the importance of proper hand washing. Nurse Jenna created these videos a few years ago and we thought it would be good to share them again.

  • Absences, Early Dismissals, or Late Arrivals?

    Please contact the office for any changes to your student's day before 2:00.

    630.260.6141 or 630.260.6143

    Attendance in the early grades

    Specials at Glen Hill

    Our students spend part of their school day outside of the classroom in classes that engage their minds and bodies. Beginning next month, we will use this space for our specials teachers to update families on what is going on in their classes with your students. We'd like to introduce these teachers:

    • Ms. Doyle-Music
    • Ms. Heinz-Art
    • Mr, Morris-PE
    • Ms. Hundal-STEM

    LMC Happenings

    Kindergartners are learning how to take care of books and how to be good listeners in the library. They will be coming to the library soon to check out 2 books! First graders are learning how to take care of books, follow library rules and enjoy listening to a book read aloud! They will be practicing their alphabet so that they can soon check out books from the shelves. Please remind your students to bring their books back on time so everyone can enjoy them!

    Second, Third and Fourth grade students are learning how to use our online library catalog, Destiny Discover. Students will be able to put books on hold, create a list of their favorite books, and see what books they currently have checked out to them. Students are also learning about the different sections in the library and how to find books on the shelves. Please ask your student what they have learned so far!

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me!

    Libby Sievers- LMC Director esievers@queenbee16.org

    Click here for upcoming speakers for the GPS➡ Glenbard Parent Series

    Need Help from the Office? Make an Appointment

    Please remember that the beginning and end of the day are very hectic for everyone. If you stop by to see someone in the office during these times, we will ask you to wait until we've taken care of students. You can always make an appointment to see us. This can save you time in your day.
  • SEL Spot

    We want your child to be successful in school and that means supporting and encouraging their whole development. While excelling in academic classes is important, children also need skills to take on learning challenges, make good decisions, manage strong emotions, and get along with others.

    This week, we’ll begin Second Step® Elementary, a research-based social-emotional learning program designed to improve children’s social-emotional skills. Second Step skills and concepts are designed to help children both in and out of school. Four units will cover the following:

    • Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting: Children learn how to pay attention and manage distractions, develop a growth mindset, and apply goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.
    • Emotion Management: Children learn how to identify and label emotions and use emotionmanagement strategies—including stress management for older students—to calm strong feelings.
    • Empathy & Kindness: Children learn how to recognize kindness and act kindly, have empathy for others and take others’ perspectives, and recognize kind acts and empathy as important elements of building and maintaining relationships.
    • Problem-Solving: Children learn how to identify and state a problem, recognize if a problem is an accident, and use the STEP problem-solving process:
      • S: Say the problem
      • T: Think of solutions
      • E: Explore the outcomes
      • P: Pick a solution
    You’ll receive communications from your student’s teacher to help you reinforce Second Step language, skills, and goals at home. If you have any questions about Second Step Elementary, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your student’s teacher for more information.

    Thank you for your support as we work to build a safe and supportive school community.

  • Glen Hill Expectations

    Change in Dismissal Times

    Beginning this school year, there will no longer be Early Dismissal on Mondays. Every day will have a 3:00 dismissal time. We will have several School Improvment Planning (SIP) days. Those days, students will be dismissed at 11:05 AM. Please see the attached calendar for the SIP dates.

    Severe Weather Dismissal

    When we have inclement weather, we do not want to send students outside to wait for their rides home. We will hold students in the building and call them out to the cars once a family arrives. If there is enough time, we will send out an email blast notifying families of the dismissal process as it occurs.

    For walkers, please pick up your student at the back of the new gym. We will dismiss all walkers out the back door (Door 12)

    Car riders will exit Door 13. Please do not stand close to Door 13, since that slows down our ability to safely get students from the building.