• Technology Department

    The Technology Department is committed to the district mission and vision. Technology is use through the district to help students learning and prepare them for the future through out our 1-1 programs (Chromebooks) and our STEM programs in all of our buildings.


    Data Managment

    Queen Bee uses gigant Skyward for student and staff data managment. This aplication allow the district to have a reliable and secure clould dtaabe accesible to any staff member and parents alike. Parents to check students progress almost instantaneously.

    Students enjoy the features of Blackboard Classroom to send and recieve homework. Blackboard classroom is a platform use district wide to enhance the students learning abilities and continue learning even away from the classroom.


    Learning Platforms

    The district provides a various of learning platforms to all students so facilitate and boost student learning. We are proud to work with Google, Pearson, Follet, Blackboard and many more vendors.