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    Dr. Joseph R. Williams



    Superintendent of schools



    Welcome to Queen Bee School District 16 and the 2018-2019 School Year.  Queen Bee School District 16 has been providing an excellent education for the students of our community since our initial organization in 1860.
     As the oldest district in continuous operation in Dupage County, Illinois, we are as proud of our traditions as we are of our ability to meet the needs of an ever changing community.  This year we are embracing and celebrating a number of changes that will ensure our continued success in the coming years.

    Queen Bee District 16 has offered high quality Early Childhood and Preschool programming for a number of years as an embedded program at both Glen Hill and Pheasant Ridge Primary Schools.  Our Early Childhood and Preschool programs will now be located at Queen Bee School, the sight of our original one-room schoolhouse. The Board of Education approved a renovation plan last year that has led to a complete remodel of our most historic school that our students, families and our teachers will begin to enjoy on the opening day of school.  

    This year we are launching our new Teacher Induction and Mentoring program.  Recruiting, training, and retaining the best teachers for our students has been a long standing priority for our Board of Education and this has taken on increasing significance as the competition for new teachers has increased nationwide.  Twenty-two of our veteran teachers have completed a rigorous training program to become mentors and will begin to mentor twenty-two first and second year teachers. We believe that this approach will help our new teachers experience success with our students in the classroom and build the capacity of our veteran classroom teachers.  

    We are excited about the possibilities and potential that this year presents and are looking forward to our students returning to their classrooms.  I encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers and principal on a regular basis so that we can foster strong relationships throughout the district. I invite you to reach out to me if you have any concerns, suggestions, or insights to share.  



    Joseph R. Williams Ed. D.




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