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Queen Bee 16 Students Continue to Grow and Improve

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November 5, 2018

Dear Queen Bee 16 Families and Community Members,

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released our annual School Report Card on Oct. 31. The Report Card shows how well our school is progressing on a wide range of educational goals. I am proud to report that each of our four schools were rated as “Commendable” which means that our students are performing well on the state assessments and growing from year-to-year as well or better than the average improvement statewide. 

Our teachers and your students have made significant progress over the past few years and the latest report card is evidence of that growth.  Overall, our students’ growth in English Language Arts was in the 53rd percentile.  That means that our students’ improved as well as or more than 53% of students across the state.  Our improvement in Math was even more encouraging.  Our students’ Math growth average was 56.4%.  That means that our students improved as well as or more than 56.4th percentile level of students across the state.  Our teachers, administrators and our Board of Education are pleased with the progress and we are committed to the continued growth of our students as they prepare for brighter and brighter futures in our community and beyond. 

Each of our individual schools experienced significant successes that will be reflected on their individual School Report Cards.  Both Pheasant Ridge and Glen Hill Primary Schools experienced considerable improvement in 3rd Grade Mathematics and outperformed the state average scores in both English Language Arts and Math.  Our 5th Grade students made significant improvement in Math and Glenside Middle School continued their pattern of outperforming the state average on all tests including scoring well above the state average on the Illinois Science Assessment. 

Our progress and results are well-earned.  Our teachers and administrators are working hard to meet the demands of higher standards and I believe that our students may even be working harder.  It is our belief that hard work and collaboration are at the heart of our success and that they are the keys to our continued improvement as educators and our students’ continued growth. 

Central to our commitment to continuous improvement is analyzing our results and considering feedback.  Our principals and teachers are already making adjustments and refining our programs so that our students continue to learn and grow.  I would encourage you to review the results from your school and communicate with your principal about those results. Feel free to ask any questions that address issues important to you.  You can find your School Report Card at

Queen Bee School District 16 holds high expectations for all students and staff and we believe that every student is capable of meeting or exceeding those expectations with the right supports.  We are committed to providing the right supports and the highest quality education possible for every student in our school community. 

It is an honor to serve our students, faculty, community and Board of Education.  Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions, insights to share or concerns.

Best Regards, 
Joesph R. Williams Ed.D





PARCC  Results in Spanish


Click the following link for the PDF version of this letter. 

English- PDF PARCC Scores
Spanish- PDF PARCC Scores