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Queen Bee School District 16 is requesting Statements of Qualifications, Performance Data, and Statements of Interest (RFQ) from qualified Architectural firms to provide Architectural services.


The RFQ document will be available upon request, via e-mail only, by contacting:


Kevin Hooper, Business Manager/CSBO


Questions concerning the RFQ may be addressed via e-mail only to:


Kevin Hooper, Business Manager/CSBO


Ten (10) printed copies and one electronic Adobe PDF file (via e-mail) of the Statement of Qualifications and Statement of Interest are due and must be received by 11 a.m. CST, August 5, at:

Queen Bee School District #16

1560 Bloomingdale, Rd.

Glendale Heights, IL 60139


The Board of Education of Queen Bee School District 16 reserves the right to reject any or all RFQs, to accept RFQs in whole or in part, and to waive any irregularities or defects in any RFQ.  A contract may be negotiated, if at all, with one or more qualified firms, considering conformity with the RFQ Specification, terms of delivery, quality and serviceability and such other factors as determined by the Board of Education.  All decisions of the Board of Education shall be considered final.  

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                    SCHOOL DISTRICT

Request for Qualifications:


Architectural Services




Queen Bee School District 16

July 3, 2019


The Queen Bee School District 16 School Board is accepting qualifications to provide architectural services.  All responses to this request must be received no later than 11 A.M., CST, on August 5, 2019. Qualifications received after this date and time shall be returned unopened.


The Queen Bee School District 16 (or the District) Board of Education wishes to hire one or more qualified firms to provide a broad range of Architectural Services.  Interested firms that specialize in architectural services to the education sector are encouraged to submit proposals. Qualifications must follow the outline in Section 6.  Please submit ten (10) copies and one (1) electronic copy of the completed qualifications and other requirements of the RFQ by hand delivery, regular mail, express mail, or courier to:


Kevin Hooper

Business Manager/CSBO

Queen Bee School District #16

1560 Bloomingdale Rd.

Glendale Heights, IL 60139


For further information regarding proposal requirements, please contact Kevin Hooper per the requirements of Section 7(F). During the qualifications submissions process and subsequent interviews, potential firms are strongly discouraged from directly contacting other District administration or Board members.


It is understood that the Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or part thereof or items therein, and to waive any or all technicalities required for the best interest of Queen Bee School District #16.  Omission of any information may be sufficient cause for rejection of the proposal. It is further understood that competency and/or responsibility of firms submitting proposals will receive consideration prior to the awarding of the contract.


An informational meeting will be held in the Library/Media Center at Glenside Middle School, 1560 Bloomingdale Rd., Glendale Heights, IL 60139, on July 15, 2019 at 11 A.M.  All respondents are invited, but not required, to attend. The meeting will review the RFQ process. The meeting will also include an overview of the District, district facilities, and the Long-Term Facilities Plan.  

  1. Introduction


The purpose of this RFQ is for Queen Bee School District 16’s Board to conduct a periodic review of the status of its architectural services.  Queen Bee School District 16 hopes to add an architectural firm or firms to allow the District to be better prepared for future projects.  


Queen Bee School District 16 operates four (4) schools, one (1) early childhood center and one (1) administrative center.  The 2018-2019 enrollment for Queen Bee School District 16 is approximately 1,835 students.  


Proposed capital projects are intended to allow for better curriculum delivery and operating efficiency.


  1. Selection Process


Step 1:  This RFQ is the first step in the selection process. An Architectural Selection Committee of Board members and staff from Queen Bee School District 16 will evaluate all responses received in this step.


Step 2:  The Committee will develop a short list of qualified firms.


Step 3:  The Committee will conduct interviews with the short-listed firms.


Step 4:  The Committee will recommend one or more architectural firms to the full Board.


Step 5:  The Board will vote on approval of the firm or firms for Architectural Services.


Refer to Section 5 for the proposed schedule.


  1. Proposal Requirements


Proposals shall address the following requirements.


  1. Firm Experience and Capabilities—Provide detailed information about company history, primary business, management/organizational details, and specific architectural experience in the educational market.  Please highlight your experience in performing work such as new projects and additions/renovations. Samples of work that demonstrate experience in early education, elementary, middle school and high school environments are required.  Firms should also demonstrate expertise in efficient use of construction budgets.


Qualified firms should display experience in the design of general instructional spaces.  Firms should also display experience in the design of specialty instructional spaces such as:  libraries, gymnasiums, early learning classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, science classrooms, athletic fields, broadband technology areas, secure entrances, stadium facilities, and transportation areas such as parking, egress, access, and safe loading/unloading.


Provide a client list of comparable clients that you are working with or have worked with within the last five (5) years.  With the list, describe the types of projects (including whether they involve new construction or additions/renovations), and the types of architectural, engineering, and construction management services that you have provided to each of these clients.


Provide a list of those clients for whom you have completed the ten-year health/life safety survey.


Identify any legal proceeding (arbitration, complaint or court action) filed by an owner against your firm for any project for which you provided architectural services during the last five (5) years.


Identify all school district clients that have ceased using your services in the past 5 years.


  1. Chicagoland--Discuss your ability/experience with work in the Chicago suburbs.  In your response, describe how your firm plans to respond when the District has immediate needs that require on-site attention.


  1. Timelines--Describe your capability to complete projects within defined timeframes and your ability to work with District 16 in light of your firm’s current workload.


  1. Related Services - If your proposal includes affiliated firms or multi-disciplinary departments (e.g. mechanical, electrical, or structural engineering), please identify them and provide similar information for them as outlined below.


  1. Experience - Provide resumes of key staff relevant to the requirements of this RFQ, include information about project managers and all key staff.  Provide work experience, education, affiliations, and awards. Particular reference should be made to the firm’s design personnel.


  1. Project Approach—Provide a general description of the methodology that your firm would use in conducting an addition/renovation project from the project inception to completion of construction.  This should include strategies for collaboration, communication and community building. If your methodology utilizes any specialized software packages and computerized systems, please provide an adequate description and summary of capabilities.


  1. Project Scheduling and Cost Estimating—Provide a general statement of your approach to project scheduling and cost estimating within the environment of the educational sector.  Provide data showing scheduled versus actual completion dates for all school projects in the last five (5) years. Provide data showing budgeted costs versus actual costs for all school projects in the last five (5) years.


  1. References—Provide a minimum of five (5) references from architectural services performed on educational facilities within the Chicagoland area in the last five (5) years.  Identify the school district with which you have had the longest years of client relationship.


  1. Responses to Specific Questions—Describe your position on each of these common problem areas found in school construction:
  2. Quality Control
  3. Change orders
  4. Value engineering
  5. Use of a construction manager
  6. Financial accountability
  7.   Local presence for problem resolution & job oversight


  1. Fee Structure -- Provide a fee structure (i.e. how charges are assessed, not project cost estimates) for all of the following that apply:
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Ten-year Health/Life Safety Survey
  4. Architectural Planning
  5. Pre-Construction Services
  6. Cost Estimating
  7.   Engineering Services
  8. All other services


  1. Strengths—Summarize the strengths of your organization that would benefit the Queen Bee School District 16 during future projects.


  1. Sample Contract—Include a sample of the standard contract you intend to use should your firm be selected as the successful firm.


  1. Green Solutions—Discuss your firm’s experience in designing “green” schools, including references.


  1. Why?—Discuss why your firm should be selected instead of your competitors.


  1. Ten Year Health/Life Safety Survey—Include a sample of a ten-year health/life safety survey that your firm recently completed.


  1. Proposal Evaluation


The Board or a Board Committee will review each firm’s past record and experience, qualifications, ability of professional personnel, performance data on file, location, workload, willingness to meet time and budget requirements, experience with projects similar in scope, previous experiences in the District, types of in-house services (e.g. disciplines), reliance on consultants, and such other factors as the Board deems appropriate.  In addition, the following criteria, weighted as shown, will be used to select a short-list of firms to participate in subsequent steps of the selection process:


  • Overall Firm Experience and Capabilities
  • Experience in Chicagoland Area
  • Proposed Personnel and Qualifications
  • Project Approach
  • Project Scheduling and Cost Estimating
  • Responses to Questions
  • Completeness of Submission


Each proposal will be evaluated and a short-list created of the top-ranked firms, at least three (3) of which (unless there are less than three qualified respondents) will be invited to participate in Step 3 of the process.


  1. Schedule


The following is the anticipated schedule for the selection of firms to provide architectural services.  The Board reserves the right to modify this schedule for its convenience and at its discretion.


July 3, 2019 RFQ Approved & Released


July 15, 2019, 11 A.M. RFQ Informational Meeting


August 5, 2019 , 11 A.M. Proposals due; evaluation of proposals begins


August 13, 2019 Successful short-listed firms notified


Week of August 26, 2019 Interviews with short-listed firms


September 6, 2019 Committee recommends firm(s) for BOE Approval


September 9, 2019 Proposed Board action on firm(s) to provide architectural services.


  1. Proposal Format and Submission Procedures


  1. Proposal Format


Proposals/qualifications should be printed on 8.5” x 11” white paper, with the following format:


  1. The cover page should clearly indicate the following information:
  2. Company name
  3. Contact person’s name, address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address
  4. Website address


  1. The document containing your proposal should be organized in the order below:
  2. Introduction
  3. Firm Experience & Capabilities (with emphasis on experience in the Chicagoland area)
  4. Key Personnel & Experience
  5. Project Approach
  6. Experience with Project Scheduling and Cost Estimating
  7.   References
  8. Other information required by this RFQ or provided by respondent.
  9. Appendices (company marketing brochure, resume, project data sheets, etc.)


  1. Submission Procedure


Refer to page 1 for submission procedure.


  1. General Conditions


  1. No Obligation to Award


This solicitation (RFQ) does not oblige Queen Bee School District 16 to award a contract to any respondent.  Queen Bee School District 16 may, at its option, revise the selection process as described in Section 2, the schedule of events or anticipated date of award, may request further information from any respondent or may withdraw this RFQ in part or in its entirety.


  1. Proposal Participation


Any entity that has received this RFQ directly from Queen Bee School District 16 or indirectly through a third party is eligible to submit a proposal for the required services.


  1. Withdrawal of Proposal


A respondent may withdraw its proposal without prejudice to itself by submitting a written request for its withdrawal to Anton Inglese at any time during the selection process.


  1. Rejection of Proposal


Queen Bee School District 16 may reject any and all proposals.  Queen Bee School District 16 will reject the proposal of any party who has been delinquent or unfaithful in any former contract with Queen Bee School District 16.  The right is reserved to reject any or all proposals, and to waive technical defects, as the interests of Queen Bee School District 16 may require.


  1. E.  Confidentiality

Queen Bee School District 16 will respect the confidentiality of the information provided under each proposal.  However, the proposals are subject to Freedom of Information requests. Those proposals that do not qualify for Step 2 of the selection process will not be returned.


  1. Clarification/Submission of Questions


Requests for clarification and questions must be received in writing by Kevin Hooper by mail or e-mail (, not later than August 2, 2019.  Queen Bee School District 16 will respond to those questions either directly to the originator of the inquiry or to all potential respondents as deemed appropriate through addendum.  In the latter case the response will be e-mailed to registered respondents and posted on the Queen Bee School District 16 website:   All potential respondents must review the written and posted specifications prior to submitting qualifications.


  1. If the Board selects one or more firms to provide architectural services to Queen Bee School District 16, the Board will attempt to negotiate an Architect Agreement with the selected firm or firms.  Failure by the selected firm or firms to enter into an Agreement satisfactory to the Board will cause the Board to select different firms with which to negotiate and enter into an Architect Agreement, or at the Board’s discretion, to reinitiate the RFQ process.





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