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Drop off and Pick up Procedures

 Welcome back Glen Hill Dolphins!

We are excited to see everyone.  We hope you had a fun and safe summer and you are as ready to be back as we are.

drop off

Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders

We know the beginning and end of the days are hectic for everyone.  Our number one job is to make sure everyone is safe. We need your help to do so with a few reminders:

  • Follow the traffic flow.
  • DO NOT let children get out of the car until you’ve reached the designated spots on the sidewalk. This area is where we have staff to assist your child in getting out.  
  • Do not park within the cones during pick up and drop off times.  This is where students get out of cars.
  • You may only turn right out of the parking lot during the school day.
  • Be patient-it’s a busy time of the day in the carline, but remember we want to keep your child safe
  • We will keep students inside to wait for their rides if the weather is extreme.