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Pick Up and Drop Off

The safety of our students is a top priority for the staff at Americana. For that reason, we would like to review the procedures for student arrival and dismissal. Morning supervision of students begins at 8:00am. Please know that if your child arrives at school before 8:00, he or she will not be supervised. If weather is very rainy or cold we let children inside.

 4th Grade Parents: Please use Fullerton Avenue to drop off/pick up your child. For the security of our students, we do not allow parking on Fullerton Ave. It becomes dangerous if traffic is not consistently moving.

 5th Grade Parents: Please use President Street to drop off/pick up your child. Please be cautious driving on or around school as President St and Fullerton Ave become very busy.

All Parents: The school parking lot is not used to pick up or drop off students because it is a small lot. It is used only for staff members or parents who have business in the school.



Americana Drop off map