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Queen Bee School District 16

2nd - 3rd Grade

Dear Parents,

       These Summer July Math Calendars are full of fun, everyday ways that your student can practice and reinforce their math skills over the summer. Your student may work independently on some activities, while on others they will need to collaborate with someone at home. We encourage you to talk with your student throughout the summer about what they are doing and learning in the activities. This will reinforce their understandings and also give you an opportunity to learn more the math skills that they are working on.  While this work is optional we encourage all students to do the activities and share their work with their teacher next school year.

Directions for the student:

  1. Choose at least 20 math boxes to complete during the month of July or throughout the summer.  

  2. Feel free to keep a math journal to record your math thinking.  Another option is to attach pieces of paper with your work to the calendars if you print them.


We hope you have fun with these activities AND have an awesome summer!